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About us
Experience the unorthodox way to success with us
Unorthodox Ventures is an esteemed advisory firm, specializing in capital raise strategy and expert sales training for VC funds, multinational corporations and smaller enterprises. With decades of industry experience, we incorporate analysis of explicit and implicit data and human behavior to optimize your fundraising efforts.

Our mission is to accelerate your capital raise journey by equipping you with the right technology, implementing efficient processes and upscaling your team on a psychology-driven sales strategy.
Our Team
Unorthodox Ventures Ltd was founded by a team with extensive background in leading sales roles at companies like Salesforce, Google, and Palantir. Our collective experience spans across working with governmental and non-governmental worldwide organizations by implementing technology and sales strategies to increase not only the efficiency of strategic activities but also the ROI on all significant investments.

Our approach is unconventional and goes beyond the limits of sales excellence, it takes into consideration human behaviour and creates catalysts for lucrative investments.
Expert Sales Training
Comprehensive enablement for all core team members, instilling innovative sales techniques and strategies and enhancing their capacity to drive revenue generation.
Wall-to-wall sales strategy
Expert guidance throughout your fundraising journey. From the preparation and execution of the fundraising process to the successful closing of deals, we are committed to providing unwavering support at each critical step.
Bespoke solutions
A unique, individually tailored approach that identifies and capitalizes on your company's distinct advantages. Our strategy actively exploits these attributes, enabling us to craft strategies that enhance your business performance and competitiveness.
Our Achievement
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